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Upper Level Dining Areas:
Tennis attire may be worn in Clubhouse and elsewhere on the premises, but is not allowed in the upper level of the clubhouse past 6:00 PM. T-shirts (athletic or work out style), un-tucked shirts, excessively provocative ladies’ clothing, excessively damaged, baggy or otherwise ill-fitting clothes, would all be examples of attire not deemed as appropriate. We require that all clothes be worn as intended with pants worn at the waistline. We ask gentleman to remove all headwear while using the upstairs dining areas. Swimwear is not permitted in the upper clubhouse at any time. Denim, in good condition (free of tears, holes and frays) may be worn throughout the main clubhouse, tennis clubhouse, pool areas, and patio areas. We also require that all children and young adults adhere to these same guidelines.

Lower Level of Clubhouse:

Casual pool attire and swimwear is permitted only when transiting to or from the pool area to the locker room area. Golf and tennis attire is permitted at all times.



  • Gentlemen must wear a shirt with either a collar or mock turtleneck.
  • Shirts must be worn tucked in, unless the shirt is a “Tommy Bahama” style (Square Bottom) that buttons top to bottom.
  • Hats, caps and visors are to be worn with the visors facing forward.
  • Hats may not be worn in the upper level of the clubhouse at any time.
  • Traditional golf Bermuda shorts may be worn but the hem may not be more than five inches above the bend in the back of the knee.


  • Ladies are expected to wear conservative golf attire.
  • Collarless shirts with sleeves or sleeveless shirts with collars may be worn.
  • Mock turtleneck golf shirts are acceptable.
  • Traditional golf Bermuda shorts, skirts, or skorts may be worn but the hem may not be more than five inches above the bend in the back of the knee.
  • Capri style pants are acceptable.

General Information:

  • Children are subject to all of the golf attire rules listed above.
  • Guests have lockers and shoe services available to them and it is requested that shoes be changed and cleaned using these services inside the clubhouse rather than the parking lot.


Subject to the specific Tennis Rules, while using the tennis facility, we require appropriate tennis attire be worn at all times. Members are responsible for their families and guests to adhere to these recommendations. For the gentlemen, items such as sleeveless shirts, swim shorts, excessively short or long shorts, cutoffs, blue denim or any clothing that is excessively damaged or ill-fitting would be not be considered as appropriate. For the ladies bare midriffs, short skirts or shorts, or other excessively provocative clothing are not recommended. All footwear must be designed for tennis and any black soled shoes must be non-marking.

Pool Area:

We require that all Members, their families and their guests, dress appropriately while using the pool and pool deck area. Casual attire, in good repair, would include t-shirts for gentlemen, cover-ups for ladies, and modest swimwear or shorts. Excessively provocative or skin baring swimwear would not be deemed as appropriate.


Mobile devices (e.g. cell phones, tablets) must be placed in the off position, on silent or vibrate when anywhere on the club grounds. Mobile devices may not be used other than to receive or transmit texts and emails inside the clubhouse with the exception of the lower patio, down the hallway in the Members’ Locker Room or in the Ladies’ Locker Room where it is permissible to use them. Mobile devices may not be used on the driving range tee except in the video mode (e.g. for recording and observing one’s golf swing). On the golf course mobile devices (including music players) may be used discreetly and out of the hearing of fellow players so as not to interfere with their enjoyment of the club. Those using mobile devices in such a manner that is unwanted may be requested to immediately rectify the situation. Tablets and other hand-held gaming devices may be used by children provided they are in silent mode and such activities are conducted in a quiet and polite manner and are not disruptive to other Members and guests.


From the South:
  • Take 405 Fwy. North to Harbor Blvd exit, turn left onto Harbor
  • Turn right onto Adams, turn right on Mesa Verde West
  • Turn left at the first stop sign (Club House Road)
  • The street ends at the main gate entry.
From the North:
  • Take 405 South to Brookhurst Ave. exit, go right onto Brookhurst and continue about 2.0 miles south to Adams
  • Turn left (east) and go 1.1 miles to Mesa Verde W.
  • Turn left and go about 0.3 miles to the first stop sign, Club House Road
  • Turn left, the street ends in the Club parking lot
  • 405 South to Harbor Blvd Exit, turn right onto Harbor
  • Turn right onto Adams, turn right on Mesa Verde West
  • Turn left at the first stop sign (Club House Road)
  • The street ends at the main gate entry.
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