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Pool Rules

Pool Rules
All persons using the pool must wear suitable bathing suits; no cutoffs or the like are permitted. Persons wearing bathing suits are required to remain within the pool are and are not permitted in or about the clubhouse. It is requested that shirts for men and appropriate cover-up attire for women be worn to and from cars in the parking lot.

The Lifeguards have both the responsibility and the authority to take the necessary action for the enforcement of these rules and are on duty to ensure a safe environment.
  • Registration Members and their guests must register each day they use the pool and Members are responsible for the conduct of children and guests.
  • All guests must be accompanied by a member who will be charged a daily fee for each guest. Groups exceeding 12 are to be coordinated through the F&B Director.
  • Grandchildren of members may use the pool without charge, provided they are less than twenty-one years of age and accompanied by the member. Parents of grandchildren may not use the facilities or sign charges without a member being present.
  • Swimmers use the pool and its facilities at their own risk.
  • No glassware is permitted within the pool area.
  • Swimmers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a guardian while in the pool area.
  • Lifeguards are not responsible for babysitting and all children need to have adult supervision.
  • No diving at any time.
  • No bicycles or skateboards are allowed in the pool area.
  • No inflatable toys/rafts may be used in the pool that have a capacity greater than one (1) person, unless they are being used during a club sanctioned event under staff supervision.
  • No running, roughhousing or any activity that endangers the well-being or comfort of others.
  • All children (3) years and younger are required to wear waterproof pants, which the lifeguards can supply. Diapers are to be changed in the restroom changing stations.

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